Floral Jewelry

Fresh Floral Jewelry is an instructional introduction to the world of floral design jewellery making and is the first of its kind. Suitable for everyone from beginners to experienced jewellery makers and floral designers. This “how to” publication is an essential guide to creating exciting, colourful and undoubtedly unique pieces of jewellery that are suitable for any occasion from proms through to weddings.

With over 400 beautiful photographs and 32 easy to achieve projects with step by step instruction, the designs are ideal for anyone within the floral industry as well as hobbyists and floral enthusiasts.

At the beginning of Fresh Floral Jewellery there is an overview of the techniques used within the book which grants the reader the freedom to jump from chapter to chapter.

There are 4 chapters divided into seasons and each design has step by step instructions with beautiful images. Being constantly influenced by nature and inspired by the endless possibility of colour combinations, you will be shown how to make a variety of designs suitable for all four seasons, mastering the wire techniques as you move through the projects.

Fresh Floral Jewelry

Chapter 1 – Spring

In this first chapter, you will find a selection of 8 beautifully crafted necklaces and bracelets suitable for prom with a template included. They could also a perfect alternative floral design for bridesmaids and mothers of the bride and groom.  From spiral designs through to triangular pendants and finishing with a delicate design made from a beautiful corded wire.

Wendy Andrade Floral Designer

Chapter 2 – Summer

From heart shaped designs through to buttons and bows, this summer section will evoke feelings of summer days filled with sunshine. There are several intricate designs incorporating preserved materials along with colourful necklaces and bracelets incorporating techniques from chapter 1 .

Wendy Andrade Floral Designer

Chapter 3 – Autumn

Autumn is the time when we find rich jewel coloured materials in abundance. The sultry designs in this chapter are made from rich coppery wire and have tints and tones of reds, copper, orange, rich browns and greens creating   gorgeous colour combinations within the necklaces and arm designs.

Wendy Andrade Floral Designer

Chapter 4 – Winter

In this chapter you will find 8 beautifully crafted designs that are sophisticated and adaptable for so many events including parties, weddings and cat walk shows. Combining a mixture of silvers, gold’s reds and blacks, you will find all the techniques taught throughout the book all come together in every one of the designs in this section.

Wendy Andrade Floral Designs