March madness

With valentines day firmly behind us for another year, us florists have yet another floral event to undertake with Mothers day next weekend . I personally love  Mothers day and  freelancing in a retail shop is  my favourite time. It doesn’t matter how young or old you are, flowers certainly make us all smile. We have a gorgeous little granddaughter who is just 15 Months old and already I can see her reaction to flowers that I have around the home. I have been teaching her to sniff and whenever I hold a flower she gently sniffs , smiles and pats the flower.  So the message behind this post this week is to embrace nature and smell the roses  when you can and use your local florist who will be very helpful in helping you choose something beautiful whatever age you are .

Wendy Andrade Floral Designer

Love is in the air

Fabulous Romatic wedding flowers for Alex and Adams wedding in Keston .

Wendy Andrade Floral Designer

Floral Accessories

January Blog

I am hoping you all had a fantastic Christmas and New Year and enjoyed time with family and friends as I did.

I love family time and it’s all about entertaining and decorating for me but for the first time in 31 years my husband Steve and I did not have a home of our own to decorate or entertain in as were in transit to a new home . So it was very different but more relaxing this year as we spent time in different places over the festive break and got to see more of the extended family than usual.

I want to send a huge big thank you to everyone who purchased my new book Floral Accessories and be sure to share any designs you make as we all love to be inspired (especially me).

Floral Accessories

Floral Accessories

Talking of families and friends, I would like to share a little bit of information with you about my new book. When I was planning the designs for this, I knew I wanted family and friends to play a big part and I invited my two beautiful nieces Alex and Faith to be models and two family friends, Tessa and Louise. They all readily accepted and worked amazingly well with the fantastic photographer Kristine Krupenny . The results I’m sure you will agree are amazing and I love the fact that I was lucky enough to have had such support from family and friends.

Wishing you all a healthy and happy New Year and hope it is filled with love and laughter and most importantly FLOWERS.
Warm wishes
Wendy x

Fund Raising



The Hospice in the Weald is a fabulous charity and one that I really enjoy helping to raise funds. 18 months ago, I hosted a demonstration for them in a local village hall and we raised £800. With an invitation to return this year, I hosted a Christmas demonstration and the 120 seats sold out extremely quickly. It was a really fun afternoon and we raised a huge £1700 and all through the love of flowers.


Another charity that I like to support is the NSPCC   and I was invited to host a Christmas wreath making class  in  East Sussex  and it was attended by 23 very enthusiastic ladies all armed with a huge amount of fabulous foliages. The class lasted for 3 hours and culminated with a short floral demonstration while the participants enjoyed a full afternoon tea. Total funds raised for this venture reached a fantastic £800.



Fund Raising

Floral Accessories


The idea for Floral Accessories came about through my love of weddings and multi cultural floral designs and how wire techniques can be incorporated into so many designs. This once again led me along the path of education in the form of step by step instructions and has enabled me to share my passion for teaching.

During my long career as a floral designer, educator and author, I have always loved sharing everything that I have learned over the years and have found the best platform to do that has been through my books.

Floral Accessories is my 2nd book and has just been released worldwide.

Floral Accessories

Floral Accessories

Blog for December 2017

It’s been a very busy month so far and extremely varied and exciting with the launch of my new book and also my web site, fun charity work, and freelance work in Belgravia along with hosting corporate team building days in the city.

I hope however busy you find yourselves, you manage to take a little time out to enjoy this manic but magical season and I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and  peaceful New Year

Warm wishes Wendy x





Wreath making workshop

With Christmas looming and the twinkling lights in the West End shining brightly, I headed off to the city to present a Christmas wreath making class for a city firm aimed at the employees.  It was a fabulous 3 hours spent with an extremely energetic and enthusiastic group and everyone went away very happy with their finished designs.


Christmas work shop in Reading

Having been invited to this lovely flower group in Reading 2 years ago, I readily accepted this 2nd invitation to present a Christmas work shop with 21 floral designers of varying abilities. Everyone turned up with a vast array of materials and a huge amount of wire and pipe cleaners and they created some fantastic  Christmas designs.


Floral Jewellery

February 2014 Hearts flowers and awards

Well.. January was a busy month after all with workshops in Manchester at the UK school of Floristry which was so much fun and a visit to Henley for a lovely group of floral designers and freelance work in a very lovely shop here in Kent .
It was also fantastic to receive news that three designs I entered into the Fusion Flower competition all won Bronze awards which I am delighted about.

Floral Jewellery


February arrived so fast that I have hardly had time to catch my breath before the onslaught of Valentines day and having survived the busy shop for 3 days I am now all set to take my first flight this year up to Scotland to teach floral jewellery to florists near Edinburgh over the weekend. Looking forward to the rest of the month.. Bring it on !!!!